Refurbished Fitness Equi

Refurbished Fitness Equipment Radstock

Refurbished Fitness Equipment Radstock

Refurbished Fitness Equipment in Radstock

Choosing equipment for a home or commercial gym can be very difficult. There are lots of options out there, and buying brand new items can often be expensive. Especially if you want to purchase a lot of things all in one go; the costs soon add up.

As a consequence, First Edition Fitness has the ideal solution for anyone looking to save money on their gym equipment. We sell high-quality refurbished fitness equipment in Radstock that’s perfect for both commercial and home gyms. All the refurbishments are carried out by expert professionals, and all of our equipment is tried and tested before we sell it to you. Essentially, you get high-quality stuff for a fraction of the price of the brand new versions.
We Sell Top Fitness Brands
All of our refurbished equipment comes from some of the biggest names in fitness. We sell Precor, Life Fitness, and many other brands as well. These are typical names you see on the equipment in big gyms up and down the country, so you know they’re of very high quality.

Refurbished means that we take old and outdated versions, and fix them up. We take care of any maintenance to ensure that they’re reinvigorated and returned to their former glory. Of course, they may have slight signs of previous use, but you will not get something that’s any less functional than a brand new version. Many people sell or get rid of damaged fitness equipment because they can’t be bothered to pay for repairs. So, we take all of these unwanted items, refurbish them, and sell them to you for a very affordable price!

This is a great way to own some of the best fitness brands in the world, without needing to pay top price for them.
Why Purchase Refurbished Fitness Equipment?
There are many benefits to buying refurbished fitness equipment in Radstock. The obvious one is that it can save you an absolute fortune! If you’re putting together a home gym, then there’s no need to have brand new equipment in there. After all, the only person using it is you! You’ve got no reputation to uphold so it won’t matter if you don’t have brand new offerings.

But, the quality of our refurbished equipment is so good that it will be great in a commercial setting as well. We don’t sell things that look like they’ve been used for years; we make sure they’re excellently refurbished to look as close to new as possible. So, save on the costs of kitting out your gym, which may allow you to offer lower membership costs, attracting more members!
Contact Us Today
Please contact us today if you want to buy refurbished fitness equipment in Radstock. Send us an email, and we will show you all of our stock, so you can see what’s on offer. Also, we’re more than happy to arrange personal visits to see your gym area. This allows us to advise you on the best equipment to buy for your setting. So, send an email with all your questions, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.