Gym Equipment Bath

Gym Equipment Bath
Gym Equipment Bath

In the past, gym equipment for the home was very limited. People would only buy basic equipment for personal resistance work. The most common options were simple dumbbells, skipping roads and steps. In some instances, a person might buy a weight bench. But for more advanced equipment, the only option was to join a gym and use the shared equipment with the other members.
Modern manufacturing and improved delivery options now mean that professional gym equipment is an option for the home gym. Your home gym can now have all the same gym equipment you would use in the gyms in Bath or other large towns, and without having to spend a fortune. The only limitation with gym equipment for your home is the space that you have available. Amongst the most popular options of gym equipment Bath customers choose for their home are treadmills, spinning bikes, vibration plates, steppers and resistance weight machines.
Treadmills: these are a classic example of the gym equipment Bath customers like. Whether you simply want to get moving with a steady walking pace, or you are building up your stamina and sprinting for competition, treadmills are a great piece of cardio equipment. Some models offer additional training programmes, including variable inclines.
Spinning bikes: these are increasingly popular as home gym equipment with our Bath customers. These are brilliant for cardio workouts. Whilst they function as a simple exercise bike, the resistance can be increased, and they have multi-use handlebars so that you can have whole body workouts on one piece of equipment.
Vibration plates: these are a new type of gym equipment which more Bath fitness fans are discovering. They use controlled vibrations to increase workout intensity and fat burning, as well as soothing sore muscles.
Steppers: this piece of home gym equipment is great for stamina and toning. By controlling the speed of movement, you can use this for a anything from a gentle warm up to a real thigh-burning climb.
Resistance weight machines: these are gym equipment that can be used to target specific muscle groups. Talk to our team if you have a particular resistance machine in mind.
When it comes to gym equipment, Bath customers should look no further than First Edition Fitness Ltd. We supply to professional gyms but also for your home gym needs. We only sell equipment that we know is reliable and high quality, because we know our Bath customers expect value for money. We sell the new gym equipment our Bath customers want for their home gyms, with a range models from leading manufacturers. We also sell refurbished gym equipment, which is great if you want to save money without sacrificing quality. All our refurbished models are sold in excellent working condition, so our Bath customers can buy with peace of mind.
For more information about our range, including enquiries about the best gym equipment Bath has to offer or any of our other services, you can contact us using the link and details on the website.